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Medicoindustrien is the industry organisation of companies in Denmark which develop, manufacture, sell or otherwise take an interest in CE-marked medical devices.

Medicoindustrien was founded on 22 June 2001 by a merger of DMDA and Kirumed. Today the association has 101 member companies.

Medicoindustrien‘s object is to promote the commercial and political interests of its member companies.

In Denmark, Medicoindustrien is a consultation partner to the authorities in questions and matters related to the medical device industry. Medicoindustrien is an active member of councils and committees that have influence on the business conditions of the industry.

At the international level, Medicoindustrien is actively involved in the work of the European industry organisation, EUCOMED, and cooperates with European and American counterparts.

On our website you will find information about the organisation, our activities and the Danish medical device industry in general.

Strategic business concept


Medicoindustrien is the trade organisation for companies in Denmark which develop, manufacture, sell or otherwise take an interest in CE marked medical devices.

Medicoindustrien meets the needs of the medical device industry in respect of:

Opinion shaping

  • by influencing Danish politicians, authorities, the healthcare sector and other decision-makers
  • with supranational official bodies and agencies — through EUCOMED 
  • in legislative matters — acts and directives

Communication of information

  • regarding enacted laws, directives, standards and other official requirements and their interpretation
  • in Danish and international healthcare trends and changes in the business conditions of the industry
Exchange of Experience

  • among members about issues of common interest

Education and training

  • within areas of specific interest to the industry not already offered by others

Public/private sector interaction 

  • by promoting cooperation between the healthcare service, universities, patients and companies


In order to meet the need for opinion shaping, Medicoindustrien must be able to:

  • prepare reliable statistical and analytical material specific to the industry
  • build and maintain channels of communication with decision-makers, the press and other stakeholders
  • work at influencing prioritised spheres of interest
  • interpret and communicate the contents of acts and legal rules

In order to meet current communication needs, Medicoindustrien must:

  • compile, record and communicate in adapted form knowledge specific to the industry, including estimates of the trend of future developments

In order to cover the need for exchange of experience, Medicoindustrien must:

  • organise meetings and committee work

In order to cover the need for education and training, Medicoindustrien must:

  • define, develop, market and hold courses specific to the industry

In order to cover the need for public/private sector interaction, Medicoindustrien must:

  • influence the education system for the benefit of the industry
  • build networks between the healthcare service, universities, patient organisations and companies
  • facilitate smooth operation of trading between the healthcare service and companies
  • engage in promoting collaboration on patient safety
  • ensure interaction between companies and health professionals on an ethical basis


Medicoindustrien wishes to be recognised in its business environment and society in general as:

  • a sound and reliable business partner/sparring partner using a professional approach
  • the spokesbody of manufacturers of and dealers in medical devices in Denmark
  • a provider of high quality courses specific to the industry
  • a key player in the harmonisation of international rules
  • a network organisation perceived to provide value for the annual membership fees


Medicoindustrien’s activities, based on high ethical and professional standards, are aimed to ensure positive and balanced safeguarding the interests of patients, health professionals, society and the industry.



Gl. Strandvej 16
DK - 2990 Nivå

Tel.: +45 4918 4700
Fax: +45 4918 4707

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