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The Irish Medical Devices Association

The Irish Medical Devices Association (IMDA) represents more than 75 Medical Devices and Diagnostics companies based throughout the island of Ireland. IMDA is a proactive membership organisation. Its broad focus is to promote and support an environment that encourages the sustainable development and profitable growth of medical technology companies based in Ireland.

The medical device and diagnostic industry is a vibrant growth sector and a cornerstone of the Irish economy. Over 130 companies are involved in developing, manufacturing and marketing a diverse range of products from disposable plastic and wound care products to precision metal implants including pacemakers, microelectronic devices, orthopaedic implants, diagnostics, contact lenses and stents. Fifteen of the world’s top 25 medical device and diagnostic companies have manufacturing plants in Ireland, and 57% of sector companies are involved in R&D.

The IMDA update is available on our website and gives up to date information on current activities.