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B.E.S.T. Medical Systems

NeuroPhysiology at your fingertips

The complete diagnostic solution
for neurophysiology

For more than twenty years, B.E.S.T. medical systems sets the pace for computer based diagnostic equipment in Neurology and Neurophysiology.

An innovative software centred approach assures user-friendly products for Neurophysiology and Sleep Labs.

The alpha-trace line of products for digitalEEG/EMG/SLEEP applications relies on the unique Graphic Working Plan that coordinates the flow of work at your fingertips.

Alpha-trace NeuroSpeed

The Graphic Working Plan offers an intuitive interface and an up-to-date view of all activities on your alpha-trace digitalNeuroPhysiology network; in real-time and network-wide.

The BEST Graphic Working Plan
The Graphic Working Plan

One single click on a session icon lets you have access to all relevant patient and recording information plus direct access to prior reports.

A powerful database not only manages all patient and recording data but also keeps track of your NeuroPhysiology recordings, reports, analyses and even archive media. For different applications you may define different settings (e.g. EEG, SLEEP, AEP, VEP, SEP, NCV, EMG, etc.) with all parameters such as channels, montages, markers, filter settings, etc. preset.

Export/import tests in alpha-trace native format or EDF format (where applicable) if required.

Interfaces (patient data and reports) to hospital information systems (HIS) are available.

Dr. Grossegger & Drbal GmbH
B.E.S.T. medical systems
Dr. Dieter Grossegger
Managing Director
Ruthgasse 19/1
Tel: +43-1-368 17 97
Fax: +43-1-367 70 23

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