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Wi-Fi Enabled Healthcare

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Authors: A Youssef, D McDonald, J Linton
Publisher: Auerbach Publications
Publication type: Hardback
Pages: 300
Publication date: Feb 2014

Focussing on its recent proliferation in hospitals this book explains how Wi-Fi is transforming clinical workflows and infusing new life into the types of mobile devices being implemented in hospitals. Drawing on first-hand experiences from one of the largest healthcare systems in the United States, it covers the key areas associated with wireless netword design, security, and support.

Reporting on cutting edge developments and emerging standards in WiFi technologies, the book explores security implications for each device type. It covers real-time location services and emerging trends in cloud-based wireless architecture. It also outlines several options and design considerations for employee wireless coverage, voice over wireless (including smartphones), mobile medical devices and wireless guest services.

The book presents authoritative insight into the challenges that exist in adding Wi-Fi within a healthcare setting. It explores several solutions in each space along with design considerations and pros and cons. It also supplies an in-depth look at voice over wireless, mobile medical devices and wireless guest services.

The authors provide readers with the technical know-how required to ensure their systems provide the reliable, end-to-end communications needed to surmount today's challenges and capitalise on new opportunities. The shared experiences and lessons learned supply essential guidance for large and small healthcare organisations.

This book is an ideal reference for network design engineers and high-level hospital executives who need to be able to query technical staff and make decisions on essential systems that their hospital is going to invest significant funds in.

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